Lean Your Loneliness Slowly Against Mine Written by Klara Hveberg, Alison McCullough (Trans.)

“Narrator Karen Gundersen fully expresses the musicality of this literary novel as she carefully combines melodic snatches of Norwegian, musical themes, and the lyricism of mathematics into a powerful story.”

Audiofile Magazine

Reign and Ruin by J.D. Evans Read by Caren Naess and Tim Campbell

The narration was excellent. I love the use of accents for the characters, which made the listening experience very immersive.

KDanzig, Audible Listener

The Last Wild Horses By Maja Lunde, by Maja Lunde, Diane Oatley [Trans.] Read by Karen Gundersen, BJ Harrison, Christa Lewis, Sarah Mollo-Christensen, Rob Shapiro

“Gundersen portrays Eva, a climate survivor in the 2060s who is responsible for the last in the line of these majestic creatures. Listeners will weep as she grapples with the meaning of survival.”

Audiofile Magazine

Edge of Darkness By Freya Barker

Caren Naess and Tom Campbell could not have been better cast for this book. Naess holds the power in her voice, creating Lissie with the strength and vulnerability to make her realistic. Packed with emotions as the story plays out, she had me holding Lissie’s heart!

Patricia, audible listener

The Right To Belong by Reid Minnich and Stacy Bender

Caren Naess absolutely nails every character. At first, it may feel slightly odd for a woman to narrate the male leads, but the Kawokee feel right in a higher tone, and Caren has a solid lower register to pull off the human males reliably. She also keeps you at exactly the right spot in the story, she never lingers on a spot where we need to move, and she isn’t afraid to slow down the narration just a little bit when we need to take a breath and re-evaluate the situation. It is a perfect fit between author and narrator

Audible Listener

From Sun to Sun A Hospice Nurse Reflects on the Art of Dying
By: Nina Angela McKissock
Soothing Listen
“I found Karen Gundersen’s (voice) really soothing, enjoyable, and a perfect match for the book. It was like I was listening to Nina herself, pouring her heart into these stories.”

Lomeraniel, Audible listener