A classically trained actor dedicated to bringing your book to life with authenticity and warmth. The daughter of an American father and a Norwegian mother, I grew up in the Middle East going to a British school. My first accent was English, and I spent high school in Wisconsin trying to lose it—luckily it comes back whenever I need it. I’ve been the member of 5 unions: Actor’s Equity, SAG-AFTRA, United Electrical, ACLU, and…..Rugby Union. Simply? A cultural mutt, whose love of language, words, and books began in childhood, and shaped four careers: actor, (co-founded a theatre company), designer, teacher, and now narrator.


Literary Fiction; Set in Norway; includes some Norwegian words and a very light Nowegian accent (M); 3rd Person; F 20s/M 40s

Classic; 3rd Person; Adult Narrator of a child’s story. British RP/Irish F/M/M

Regency Mystery; Third Person, British RP, Final line, M dialogue

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Equipment: Kube Booth, Scarlett2i2, Aston Origin Microphone, and Studio1 on a Macbook Air.

Narrated with: Spectrum Audiobooks, Podium Publishing, Findaway Voices, acx, and John Marshall Media (For Harper Audio)


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